Sal Island - Cape Verde Republic

You don't give up fishing when you get old,
Youn get old when you give up fishing.

Roberto by Violetto Violino.

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Fishing with baits, better known as SPINNING, is one of the most popular fishing technique. The name derives from the English "to spin", due to the rotating movement of the used bait.
This fishing technique is used to catch predatory fishes, which are attracted by the bait's movement ans by its colour. It's the most dynamic technique, because of the frequent throws in search of predators.

Black Jack  37 lb

Defeats are not unusual, especially because our target are very shrewd fishes, like Carangidae, Bonities, Wahoos and Dolphinfishes.
You can fish with 3 meters lenght rods and with a 60 or 80 lb reel, as it's possible to catch also over 20 kg preys.
The used baits are Minnow, popper, skipping lures and walkin' the dog, and also some home-made 3-4 onces prototypes. It's better to do spinning at the dawn.

Blue Runner 12,5 lb

Fish capturable to Spinning

Blue Runner

Black Jack

Xareu (Jack Trevally)




scogliera da rock

Rock Fishing is a daily technique, as it's not safe to go on doing it after the sunset.
It's done on a sheer position, where the oceanbed is rocky and over 40 m deep.
Fishing with baloon is used to chase big sharks, dolphinfishes or GT and Cableway Fishing is used to fish in depth sharks, big moray eels and groupers.

scogliera da rock

Rock Fishing's target is to chase big preys, and, that's not a joke, big sharks have been hooked and kept with the rod for a long time, till we could bring them near us, as it was impossible to raise them to take the usual picture with them.
We use 3,96 m rods and 50 lb reels, lines are made in nylon 0,60, held down lenghtening with a steel terminal.

Fish capturable to Rock Fishing

Nurse Shark

Xareu (Jack Crevalle)

Grouper Brown

Blacktyp Shark


Lemon Shark


Cephalopholis taeniops



Surfcasting is a type of fishing, which was born in the Atlantic Ocean. It's done on the beach with rods able to throw the terminal far away from the coast.
Surfcasting uses underwater turbolences near the coast: by moving the oceanbed they attract grunter fishes, which attract little and big predators..

Surfcasting could be done at any part of the day with good results, preys are different depending on the time and on the terminal.
In the morning and in the late afternoon you could meet L. mormyrus, bream fishes, mullet fishes, barbles, hogfishes and common pandoras, but in the evening, after the sunset, we use heavier terminals to fish sorts of sharks, moray eels, and, not seldom, Xareu and skates.

As a variation of Surfcasting we organize a "competition" in the late afternoon on the beaches in front of the hotels: the shark hunting. After every catching we measure the shark and take the usual picture with it, then the unlucky fish will be free again.

Who fishes the longest shark will receive a certificate and he'll win a necklace with a shark's tooth.
You don't need much experience to do this funny type of fishing and also children and ladies could participate, thanks to our staff ' assistance.
Fish capturable to Surf Casting

Pigsnout grunt

Horse-eye Jack

Galeoides Decadactylus

Different Shark
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