Sal Island - Cape Verde Republic

You don't give up fishing when you get old,
Youn get old when you give up fishing.

Roberto by Violetto Violino.

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I came to Santa Maria a couple of years ago to be a "full - time grandad", now my grandaughter goes to the nursery school, so my great passion for fishing appeared strongly again. This is how Fishing Holidays was born.

Who is Fishing Holidays?
Fishing Holidays is a young charter specialized in coast-game-fishing and it's located in Santa Maria, Sal island, Republic of Cape Verde. At the moment (may 2012) it's the only sporting facility having got a licence for coast-fishing.

Sal is a little island with great volcanic cliffes and long beaches. This island in the middle of the ocean seems to exist just to chase a large number of fishes by the coast, every corner is suitable to drop the fishing-line in the water, every spot requires a particular technique to let us fish notable-dimension fishes.
Modesty, seriousness and honesty are helping us to let us know out of Cape Verde, too.

We organize tours with specialized guides at interesting prices, we use first-rate materials, SHIMANO fishing rods and reels, good brand hooks and baits.
It's a datum point in Santa Maria for people who want to practice Spinning, Rock Fishing

and Surf Casting in liberty hall (without the need of bringing your own equipments). We suggest you the new "SHARK REEF ADVENTURE, watch the shark, catch the shark". We watch the weather forecasts to choose the best fishing grounds to optimize the tours.

During the Spinning it's possible to chase Jack Trevally, Bonities, Black Jacks, and not seldom dolphinfishes.
During the Rock Fishing the main quarries are all sorts of sharks: Brown Sharks, Dusty Whalers, Nurse Sharks, Bullhead sharks, Lemon Sharks, Blacktip sharks, and groupers and moray eels, as well.

Surf Casting is a "quiter" type of fishing, usually you can catch L. mormyrus, Barbles, Scaena Umbra, GT, Hogfishes and little sharks. But when the sun sets and you change the ground, you can fish skates and big sharks, which go closer to the coast. You can often chase some big Jack Trevallies.

With experience, techniqual knowledges and lot of willingness, we try to make our charter a datum point for all people like us, who are infected with enthusiasm by our passion for fishing.

With these principles we introduce us to everyone who doesn't know us yet and we would like to share our experiences and quarries with all the sport-fishing's fans though this web-site.... you could contact us to organize your fishing-tour at your best, or just to get some usefull advices about your staying in Santa Maria.

I decided to open this sporting facility and to share with you the great joy for a good-fishing to realize my dream.
Some defeats have to be expected, but with some skill and a little bit of luck tou can fish great specimen.


This is my own quotation , I thought it some years ago when I arrived to this beatiful island and I dedicate it to all fishermen:
You don't give up fishing when you get old;
You get old when you give up fishing
(Violetto Violino by Roberto)


I will always walk on these beaches though sand and foam, high tide will erase my footprints, the wind will dissolve the foam, but the sea and the beaches will stay forever.
(K. Gibran)

Thanks to Paolo for this other quotation:
The worst fishing time is better than the best working time.


If you would like to be happy for an hour, get drunk. If you'd like to be happy for three days, get married. If you'd like to be happy for a month, kill your pig and eat it. If you'd like to be happy forever, learn how to fish.
(Chinese quotation)

If you get lost in Santa Maria... you would find us by these indications....


LEGENDA: (con Foto e info)


LE PRIVÉ Restaurant
BARRACUDA Restaurant
= Bar of Nôs (from Augusto)
= Quiosk Brasileir (from White)
Hotel/Restaurant Odjo d'Água
Hotel Morabeza
= Hotel Pontao
= Porto Antigo II (apartments)
= Porto Antigo I   (apartments)
Cultural Centre
= Main Square
CV Telecom
= Djunta mo Art (Cabo Verdian handicraft)
"Pontao" or Pier
= Multi-purpose Sports Center

= Atlantis Restaurant
= Sabores & Livros restaurant

And... If you fear not to find us note down these numbers:
Jacopo : +238 9866220
shop by :
+238 2421769

 Translation of: Stefania

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